It all started with a rebuild Chevelle in 1989. This hobby  quickly changed into a more proffesional sport with the Chevrolet  Camaro in 1993. Already in this year Robert Koper became Dutch  Champion in the Ultimate Streetcar class. Untill 1999 he kept this titel. Due to some changes in the calsses the team changed to Super Gas. Even in this year and the following; 1999 he kept the titel of Dutch Champion. Due to a crash in 2000 with the new Chevrolet Lumina he could not take the titel in the Competrition Class but at the Nitrolympics in Hockenheim he became first in the Super Gas class with the Camaro. In 2001 the Team presented the Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The Dutch Champion titel was secured again. With the Monte Carlo the team now competes in Competition Eliminator en Pro Modified class.